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"It occurs naturally and is by virtue of the way we choose to live in our built environment all the more active. The problem is getting professional advice that doesn't just throw chemicals at the problem, our company seem to have spent thousands without results. We need to engineer the risk areas out
  Risk Assessment
We do not do tick box assessments or the "one size fits all" packaged software suites. We took the advice of the Water Management Society, CIBSE and the BSRIA and produced a tailored site specific assessment format. It doesnt just cover the obvious Hot and Cold water systems but looks at specialist plant and the more technically chalanging systems. The product has been adopted by clients across the country and zero complaints.
  Control Measures and Remedial
Just like our risk assessment product our system of control measures is tailored to the site. No more blank work sheets in a log-book with obscure or over generalised instructions. We produce a task driven month by month pre programmed scheme of works for every site, this being pre-planned and agreed with our clients so that the full program of tasks and due dates is published and ion site as soon as the contract commenced. The system is currently in place and operating on over 400 sites across the length and breadth of the country. Our clients report that they have never before seen such a clear , concise and effective system of programming, which has been echoed by health and safety professional responsible for auditing.

System Sterilisations
Chemical, thermal, ultraviolet and ozone treatments can be applied by our team of skilled operatives. We do not simply "chuck a bucket of chlorine at it" our team look at the quality, chemistry and biology of the water and select the most appropriate sterilisation technology for the task.


TMV Servicing & Specialist Systems
We cover a full range of specialst systems including

• Humidification plant
• Laboratory equipment
• Fire & horticultural systems
• Swimming pool & spa
• Public water features
• Private water systems
• TMV servicing & calibration

Wireless and Remote Monitoring
For remote installations we can provide the essential L8 monthly temperature data for our clients by using wireless internet and hardwired BMS interfaces. Reporting directly yo your computer screen

  LPHW Analysis
The fluids within a LPHW or steam boiler system can have a direct and measurable effect on both system performance, reliability, maintainability and service life. Often overlooked by M&E specialists this area can not only give a snapshot look into current system performance but can be used to measure the effectiveness of general maintenance.
  Commercial LPHW Analysis
We can carry out an in-depth test of the fluids with a system and compare the results of this against the chemical make up of most common boiler water treatments currently on the market. From this we can determine what levels of protective chemistry exist in the system and there appropriateness to your system.

LPHW System Dosing

Once we have established a baseline for your system we can quote and specify an appropriate chemical treatment and monitoring regime to match your needs.

Air Quality Monitoring
Management of indoor air quality can significantly enhance the health and comfort condition of the people who live, shop, learn or work within the built environment. Poor indoor air quality may result in the following conditions:

* Recurring respiratory health issues.
* Increased absenteeism and significantly reduced workplace productivity.

In addition to this mould damage to building fabric, damage to IT systems et all can have a detrimental affect on business profitability

  Laser Air Particle Counting & Analysis
Using next generation particle cutting technology we can bring to your premises a premium level of analysis and recording at very cost effective rates. Either hand held instantaneous point of use measurement, bench top data collection systems or fixed counting installations by using remote networks, we endeavor to provide the best technical solution for you.
Air Quality Monitoring
A general Indoor Air Quality Assessment will consist of :

• Measurement of thermal comfort, which incorporates air temperature, relative humidity
  and air velocities.
• Carbon dioxide and monoxide levels within the working environment
• Toxic gases such as ozone and formaldehyde.
  Fungal, Spore and Mould Testing & Analysis
We can carry out field sampling for common fungal and mould spores with reference to CIBSE TM26 guidance either by DIP or plate using multi impactors. This s backed up by a full range of UKAS accredited laboratory support, which we can call upon as and when required. Our field sampling and culturing facility gives us early warning of problem areas and thus speeds up resolution of our client's issues.

Quantative Testing - To determine the TVC levels of airborne moulds, spores and fungi
Quantative Testing - If the TVC count is high and species verification is requires

  Water Chemistry
Our competitors tend to forget this aspect of water hygiene and management. The usual excuse being "... its up to the water supplier to provide clean wholesome water .....".

That's true, the supplier has a legal obligation to provide clean wholesome water to your door, but what happens to it once it is in your storage and distribution system is down to you. So how do you know that the water quality supplied to your staff remains clean and wholesome. We can provide the answers by low cost reliable test methods

Water Quality
If you subscribe to our Water Management or Legionella control regimes in addition to the usual microbiological testing we undertake the following tests as part of our quarterly program

• Water PH
• Turbidity
• TDS (total dissolved solids)
• Conductivity testing
• Salts
• Sulphite Levels
• Nitrate Levels

We can, depending on the requirements of the site conduct over 600 further tests for specific problems. We invest ourselves in our clients requirements.

We carry out a wide array of specific microbiological sampling covering hundreds of bacteriumand can offer very competitive rates. For example legionella presence/absence, TVC, psuedamonus, Giardia, On drinking water, stored water, private water supplies, cooling water and fresh and salt water systems
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